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Sanary-sur-mer: Land for Refugees

Sanary-sur-mer has been a refuge for many German and Austrian intellectuals and artists between the 1st and 2nd World wars. Other foreign intellectuals have reside in Sanary-sur-mer, among them A. Huxley who wrote “A Brave New World” in Sanary-sur-mer (La Gorgette district) in summer 1932.

EXPO in Toulon : The French navy in the Provence landing

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the landing in Provence, the History Department of Defense offers a major exhibition entitled ” the French navy in the landing in Provence ” from  August 18th to December 19… Read More

La Cadiere, Le Bausset and Le Castellet

Larger View of La Cadiere, Le Bausset and Le Castellet Area Le Beausset Le Bausset (ProvenceWeb) City of Le Beausset official website (French) La Cadiere La Cadiere (ProvenceWeb) La Cadiere d'Azur official website (French) Le Castellet Le Castelet… Read More

Sanary-sur-mer: Historical City of Diving

Sanary-sur-mer is the birthplace of modern diving. J-Y Cousteau, F. Dumas and P. Tailliez, also known as the “Mousquemers”, have experimented the first scubas in the bay of Port-Issol in Sanary-sur-mer.