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Sanary-sur-mer: Land for Refugees

Sanary-sur-mer has been a refuge for many German and Austrian intellectuals and artists between the 1st and 2nd World wars. Other foreign intellectuals have reside in Sanary-sur-mer, among them A. Huxley who wrote “A Brave New World” in Sanary-sur-mer (La Gorgette district) in summer 1932.

Snorkeling in Port-Issol

Discover the under sea world with fins and snorkel. Secured and guided snorkel tour in Sanary/mer in the Port-Issol bay. Departures at 9:30 am or 1:30pm . The tour takes up to 3 hours including 30-40 minutes debriefing…. Read More

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Diving in the Mediterranean Sea

Unique diving places are located along the coast of Provence. From the first scuba dive test spot to wrecks of all time, the region between Marseille and Toulon is a paradise for any divers.

Sanary-sur-mer: Historical City of Diving

Sanary-sur-mer is the birthplace of modern diving. J-Y Cousteau, F. Dumas and P. Tailliez, also known as the “Mousquemers”, have experimented the first scubas in the bay of Port-Issol in Sanary-sur-mer.